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    The Bee Token (Beenest) is an Ethereum blockchain-based decentralized platform for short-term housing search. Beenest challenges modern giants in the industry, such as AirBNB and VRBO, charging zero fee for using the service through decentralization and elimination of the intermediary. The project also has protocols for resolving disputes, as well as managing ratings of the users’ reputation on their platform. Besides, the reputation rating associated with the addresses / accounts in the Ethereum blockchain will be implemented, which will be set by the average number of reputation points, including their rating as a host, a guest, an arbitrator, etc.

    The mission of The Bee Token is to decentralize the short-term housing market and return direct management and profit to the users and owners. This means that the client pays less, and the landlord gets more due to the elimination of intermediaries between them. Beenest is going to launch the Alpha version on the Ethereum test network in January 2018 ahead of the crowdsale. The project announced numerous partnerships with various companies that will interact with their product:

    Request Network, which will provide a system for clients to request payments from tenants;

    Rentivo, which will provide fame in the travel / tourism industry and inventory, including the BEE token on its platform;

    Connext, which will help Beenest accept payments with a credit card; and

    Origin, which is a protocol for creating sharing markets using IPFS.

    BEE tokens will be used to perform transactions on the Beenest platform with 0% fee, unlike the 1% fee for BTC, ETH and other ERC20 tokens and 3.99% for fiat. BEE may also be staked to vote as an arbitrator in the Beenest arbitration protocol. The more BEE tokens the user has staked, the more likely they are to be chosen as an arbitrator. A fixed BEE rate per dispute will also be paid.

    The project consists of a team of engineers from Google, Facebook and Uber, who decided to revise the market for short-term housing rentals, because all existing centralized platforms charge exorbitant transaction fees.

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